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Self Love Coffee Tours Des Moines, Iowa

This past weekend the lovely ladies of Self Love Coffee packed their bags and headed to wonderful Des Moines, Iowa. “Iowa?” you might be thinking, “Dez Mins?” you might be thinking… Dear America, we are more than flat land and corn. Des Moines (aka, deh moyne) as you might know, is the capital city of Iowa and a hop, skip and a jump, from the place where the SLC crew is from… Davenport, Iowa, in case you were wondering, a city for another day.

Why Des Moines? This city is littered with great people, creative souls, unique finds, and of course great coffee shops. To us it was obvious, our first coffee tour in Iowa had to be Des Moines. Check out more great things to do in Des Moines here.

Tour Highlights

Our first stop on the tour was a quaint little shop called Smitten Kitten, because we’ve got to give the cats love too. Smitten Kitten is a small business that specializes in cat-only grooming, boarding, and cat supplies. It’s truly a cat-lovers dream. We had the pleasure of meeting the pretty, pretty princess, Lola, as well as her brother Walter and their great-grandmother (I’m assuming) Delores. Self Love Coffee loves cats, and we are not afraid to say it.

Our first coffee stop was at West End Architectural Salvage. This place is more than just a coffee shop and was so cool! Check out their website because it is a great place to find custom furniture, antiques, and it’s also an event center, because, why not? We fell in love with this place and had so much fun looking at all of their unique finds. We HIGHLY recommend checking this place out if you are in the area. Oh yeah, the coffee wasn’t bad either.

The most impactful highlight of our tour was visiting The Science Center of Iowa to see the Mental Health: Mind Matters exhibit. The experience is meant to build a better understanding of mental health and spark conversation about meaningful topics like depression, anxiety, PTSD, etc. We were able to listen to stories and see what life is like inside the minds of people who are just like us, but maybe experience life a little differently. If you are a history buff like me, you can also learn about how mental health was treated throughout history. Fascinating, right? Mental health matters. It is important for everyone to talk about and be aware of. Sometimes it can be scary dealing with mental health alone. Don’t be afraid to reach out to a close friend, family member, or professional, to talk about what is going on inside your mind. If you are interested in seeing the Mental Health: Mind Matters exhibit in Des Moines, it will be at The Science Center of Iowa through April 28, 2019. Get your tickets here.

And of course, because we are Self Love Coffee and coffee is the fuel by which we thrive, we must mention our favorite coffee drink in the Des Moines area (so far): The Winterberry Latte, which we found at Mars Cafe. If you love space and blackberry coffee, then this one is for you. Smooth like butter and just a little bit sweet. Oh baby, yes.

It was fun to experience the city of Des Moines in a new way as well as take part in some great conversations about mental health with some great people. A big part of personal growth involves taking care of your mental health, and the best way to start taking care of your mental health is to be open to learning and having conversations about it. Perhaps, over coffee. But of course, it’s okay to have some fun too. We lived and we laughed this weekend. We danced like bees and kangaroos at the museum and drank way more coffee than three people should ever drink in two days. Dance and drink coffee like no one is watching, right?

See you soon, Des Moines.

-Self Love Coffee

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