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Self Love Coffee Tours Iowa City

Yesterday the team at Self Love Coffee headed west to Iowa City, Iowa. The second stop on the Iowa set list left an impression that will last a lifetime. Coffee, conversations, and cats, yes cats, made the day memorable in a city that was full of life and sunshine. We could not have asked for a better way to spend our Saturday.

To quote my loving spouse, “what are you even doing?” Let me answer that question to all those who may be wondering. We are seeing cities, drinking coffee, and having fun. We are touring! In addition to promoting the blog, we are also promoting self-love, personal growth, and building awareness for mental health. We try new things, push past our comfort zones, and then share our experiences and conversations with you.

Each trip we learn a bit more about ourselves, the people and cities around us, and have deep meaningful conversations about mental health and personal growth. We discover and enjoy small businesses and meet great people, so maybe the best answer to “what are you doing?” is simply, “living.”

The first coffee shop we went to was Caffe Crema. We all got the popular drink, the Purple Latte. This shop was our favorite stop of the day. Not only was the drink AMAZING, made with taro root and perfectly presented, the vibe of the shop was also welcoming and chill. We love being able to sit in a coffee shop, have conversations, and not feel rushed to leave by a crowd or otherwise. It was a great start to our morning.

After Caffe Crema, we headed to downtown Iowa City for a little wandering around. The great thing about Iowa City is, you will never get bored. There is always something going on, PLENTY of restaurants to enjoy and funky shops to poke around in. Definitely a great town to explore.

Speaking of exploring…CATS! Is it truly a Self Love Coffee tour if we don’t pop into a cat shop? The answer is no. If you are a native of Iowa City you already know what it is, The Haunted Bookshop, complete with two felines. The bookshop itself is quaint, they sell used books and other novelty items, we could have stayed here for hours skimming over their selection. But, then we got distracted by the cats and had to stop for a photo shoot. Not sorry. The cats looked so peaceful lounging around on display, waiting for attention. (Same, right?) This place is truly a local gem, and a must stop if you are planning a day trip or passing through.

By late afternoon we were ready for another coffee and a sweet treat, so we hit up a place that is my personal favorite, The Java House. Maybe it’s the nostalgia from that brief moment in time when I was an Iowa City resident. That blimp in my history where I walked around broke with a backpack. That year when my special treat was an occasional latte, blueberry, hot. But I’ve changed. I don’t wear a backpack anymore, I take my lattes iced, and The Java House no longer serves blueberry lattes. I’m not mad, just disappointed. All jokes aside, we enjoyed the drinks we did get, we went for full sugar and extra life. After all, change is good and it’s okay to try new things. The universe knew I had evolved past blueberry. Thank you, next, we do raspberry now. We did a sweet photo shoot outside afterwards and Iowa City judges you for nothing. Great vibes in that city and we love it. (Photo cred. goes to Kiley, who is oozing with talent, seriously.)

We ended our tour by having dinner with our number one and two fans Linda and Jeff. Two people who have shown us great kindness and support. With pizza, conversation, and laughs, there could have been no better ending to our perfect day.

It’s great to step outside of our hometown to learn about and enjoy what the surrounding cities have to offer. It’s great to get outside and push ourselves to have adventures and live. And of course, it’s great to have conversations with all the people we run into along the way. If you know of a great city we should go to next, let us know!

Thank you, Iowa City, until next time,

Self Love Coffee

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