About Us

Self Love Coffee is for rigorous honesty, witty humor, personal growth, and breaking down the barriers of comfort. Inspired by conversations over coffee (and cinnamon crunch bagels), we believe it is important to spark courageous conversation while being vulnerable and speaking our truths.

Our purpose is to ignite deep thinking and engage individuals in self evaluation in a way that is relatable and upbeat. Conversations on difficult, and sometimes controversial topics, can leave us feeling overwhelmed, uncomfortable, or defeated. However, discomfort is the birthplace of growth. There is always an opportunity to learn and grow, and part of growing is sharing our stories which is why we are here. We write about our experiences with growth, mental health, oppression, or any of those moments in life that challenge us to stop and think.

We welcome you to laugh with us, grow with us, sip with us, and heal with us.

We are Self Love Coffee.