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The Perfectionist and The Holidays

I am a perfectionist. I like life to go as planned and as it should. I like doing a good job. I like meeting expectations and succeeding. I like plans organized and executed without flaws. I want life to turn out as I imagine it in my head. Unfortunately, this is not always possible. Perfectionism… Continue reading The Perfectionist and The Holidays

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I Don’t Like Everyone…and That’s Okay

I ran into a post on Facebook, during one of those times when you’re mindlessly scrolling, one sentence REALLY stuck out to me. “Admitting to yourself that you don’t like or care for someone, doesn’t mean you are not kind.” It was really a gut punch for me. I spent most of my early twenties… Continue reading I Don’t Like Everyone…and That’s Okay

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In Case of Emergency, I use Humor.

Humor is my go-to, my safety net, and my comfort zone. When in doubt, I laugh it out and make fun of myself because otherwise life will hurt. Ugh. Some may see right through my attempts, but making jokes is my coping mechanism. It's my survival tool and the barrier between me and a full… Continue reading In Case of Emergency, I use Humor.

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You Need Friends

For some reason I have this entirely unhealthy mindset that I don’t need anyone but myself to survive. I know it’s unhealthy and a giant lie, but still, I’m over here with an attitude and high anxiety thinking I’m better off alone. I know that I’m not. I know that I need human connection beyond… Continue reading You Need Friends