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That Time I Ugly Cried at Work

I’ve heard that having the ability to control emotions is a sign of great emotional intelligence. This involves consciously deciding how you feel, instead of letting your subconscious fool and control you. While it may be true that I now have a level of emotional intelligence far superior to that of my teenage self, getting… Continue reading That Time I Ugly Cried at Work

Personal Growth

Life Is Always Rocky When You’re A Gem

A greek philosopher named Epicurus (lets just call him Epi for pronunciations sake), stressed the idea of having friends, so much so that he said having friends is the “wake to blessedness.” Epi even went so far as to buy a house of bromance and invited his friends to come live with him. He believed that friends are there to give us… Continue reading Life Is Always Rocky When You’re A Gem

Personal Growth

Breaking into Joy

Try to remember a time when you experienced pure uninhibited joy. Uncontrollable laughter, not caring who's watching, giddy with excitement joy. Dig deep. In this memory, are you a child? In this memory, are you an adult, but doing something childlike? I will tell you about a specific memory I have in a moment, but… Continue reading Breaking into Joy

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Ta Da! I made a mistake.

If you are anything like me, you hate to make mistakes. Yeah, that's right, you will never see me running through the streets, celebrating, yelling about how I just made the messiest mistake. As a perfectionist (to my dismay), I can often be a bully to myself when even the silliest little mistake is made.… Continue reading Ta Da! I made a mistake.

Personal Growth

Failing Forward

Hi there! I'm just going to dive right into this and talk about something that is SO relevant it hurts. Wait for it...[insert suspenseful silence to build anticipation here]...FAILURE. Gasp! A few months ago I was sitting around a table with my friends, swapping talk about hopes and dreams, and it seemed like I was… Continue reading Failing Forward

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We are Ready For This

Welcome! We are so excited you’re here. We are less than one week away from our official launch, the day when we open our souls and the real feels start coming out. Vulnerability never felt so good and we can’t wait to get started! Words cannot describe the joy we feel having you here during… Continue reading We are Ready For This