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Welcome to MTV Cribs

It was moving day for my best friend and fellow SLC writer Danielle and her husband this past week. We had driven past the outside of the house, with gorg little trimmed hedges and slate rock flower bedding, but I was anticipating seeing the inside of the house. I love everything about home decorating, from… Continue reading Welcome to MTV Cribs

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It Hurts to Change

I have been thinking about change the past two months. Maybe it's the weather. As fall approaches and the sun sets on another humid Midwest summer, I yearn for days of 50 degrees and sweaters, boots and hot coffee, and I am inspired to reflect. As I look back on the last six months, I… Continue reading It Hurts to Change

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No Justin, it’s not too late to say sorry, now.

Can I just start off by complaining about the emotional roller coaster that the last season of Orange is the New Black put us on!?! Now you might be thinking, where is that intro leading us Lindsey? Well, inspired by the episode(s) that include the Restorative Justice program, accountability is on the forefront of my… Continue reading No Justin, it’s not too late to say sorry, now.

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Self Love Coffee Tours Iowa City

Yesterday the team at Self Love Coffee headed west to Iowa City, Iowa. The second stop on the Iowa set list left an impression that will last a lifetime. Coffee, conversations, and cats, yes cats, made the day memorable in a city that was full of life and sunshine. We could not have asked for… Continue reading Self Love Coffee Tours Iowa City

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How I set my day up for Success

Do you ever think about the long list of tasks you have to complete and instead of getting them done you mentally shut down and start watching Netflix until your eyes bleed? Here’s the thing. I can be organized, productive, and all around a functional human being. But, I also have anxiety, so there's a… Continue reading How I set my day up for Success