Mental health, Personal Growth

W.W.N.D.D. (What Would Normal Danielle Do?)

Do you ever sit back and daydream about what life would be like if you were normal? Or is that just me? I used to wonder if I was alone in going through what I am going through, but I know now, this is not the case. Thank you to the movements that have emerged… Continue reading W.W.N.D.D. (What Would Normal Danielle Do?)

Personal Growth

The Happy Little Wall Flower

“I did a good job socializing tonight.” I say to my spouse as we leave a dinner party. He says, “yes, good job.” We both laugh. It's interesting to me that I have to pat myself on the back for doing something that should be normal. I should be able to have a conversation with… Continue reading The Happy Little Wall Flower

Personal Growth

Breaking into Joy

Try to remember a time when you experienced pure uninhibited joy. Uncontrollable laughter, not caring who's watching, giddy with excitement joy. Dig deep. In this memory, are you a child? In this memory, are you an adult, but doing something childlike? I will tell you about a specific memory I have in a moment, but… Continue reading Breaking into Joy