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Becoming an Ally: My Journey from Ignorance to Understanding

This week’s article starts with the painfully true story of my childhood ignorance and goes on to talk about how I became an ally for the LGBTQIA+ community. The first moment I discuss demonstrates the lack of understanding and knowledge of me and, probably, society as a whole at the time, as well as a… Continue reading Becoming an Ally: My Journey from Ignorance to Understanding

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How I set my day up for Success

Do you ever think about the long list of tasks you have to complete and instead of getting them done you mentally shut down and start watching Netflix until your eyes bleed? Here’s the thing. I can be organized, productive, and all around a functional human being. But, I also have anxiety, so there's a… Continue reading How I set my day up for Success

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Bon Voyage!

The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.Lau Tzu A thousand-mile journey seems a bit daunting, especially when you can see the long road ahead with no end in sight. I am currently continuing on the journey that I first stepped foot on when I was in college, and as of now,… Continue reading Bon Voyage!

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We are Ready For This

Welcome! We are so excited you’re here. We are less than one week away from our official launch, the day when we open our souls and the real feels start coming out. Vulnerability never felt so good and we can’t wait to get started! Words cannot describe the joy we feel having you here during… Continue reading We are Ready For This