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Leave Your Shoulds at the Door

Do you have regrets? Uhh, don't we all? I think having regrets is part of being human. Having regrets is looking back on experiences and wishing things had been different, that maybe I could have/should have done something different. I definitely have regrets...there are many things I wish I could have done differently in life.… Continue reading Leave Your Shoulds at the Door

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Becoming an Ally: My Journey from Ignorance to Understanding

This week’s article starts with the painfully true story of my childhood ignorance and goes on to talk about how I became an ally for the LGBTQIA+ community. The first moment I discuss demonstrates the lack of understanding and knowledge of me and, probably, society as a whole at the time, as well as a… Continue reading Becoming an Ally: My Journey from Ignorance to Understanding

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Self Love Coffee Tours Iowa City

Yesterday the team at Self Love Coffee headed west to Iowa City, Iowa. The second stop on the Iowa set list left an impression that will last a lifetime. Coffee, conversations, and cats, yes cats, made the day memorable in a city that was full of life and sunshine. We could not have asked for… Continue reading Self Love Coffee Tours Iowa City

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How I set my day up for Success

Do you ever think about the long list of tasks you have to complete and instead of getting them done you mentally shut down and start watching Netflix until your eyes bleed? Here’s the thing. I can be organized, productive, and all around a functional human being. But, I also have anxiety, so there's a… Continue reading How I set my day up for Success

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The Happy Little Wall Flower

“I did a good job socializing tonight.” I say to my spouse as we leave a dinner party. He says, “yes, good job.” We both laugh. It's interesting to me that I have to pat myself on the back for doing something that should be normal. I should be able to have a conversation with… Continue reading The Happy Little Wall Flower